Merry Christmas

December 23, 2008

We’ve had a great year here at Mission Control and we hope you have too. We thank you all for being a part of it and we wish you all a sincere MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Did you enjoy our Advent calendar?

Stuck for a xmas pressie? It’s not too late to buy our charity calendar!

We’re taking a bit of a break now to share the love with our families over the Christmas period but we’ll be back in the new year!


Remember kids … eating baubles isn’t normal!

It’s December!

December 1, 2008
It’s December! Traditionally this is the time for tacky advent calendars complete with the oily aftertaste of low-grade chocolate.

Well, not this year ….

Here at Mission Control we do things a little differently and our 2008 Advent Calendar is filled with special missions for you to complete as you count down the days to Christmas. It’s fun, environmentally friendly and completely free so send it to everyone you know! It will definitely brighten up their December.

This is our gift to you to celebrate reaching 100,000 missioners.

mymission2 2008 Advent Calendar

Thank you and happy missioning!

The mymission2 team.

Announcing the winner of our “discover an artistic genius” competition

October 31, 2008

Thank you to all our missioners who submitted designs and ideas for the “discover an artistic genius” competition. Erm, we didn’t find a winning design but we did find a winning idea.

The winner is … Tracy who came up with this:

We then put our creative genius John to work and he turned Tracy’s idea into something that we will use as the mymission2 Christmas card:

A special thanks to Tracy.

Tracy, there’ll be a (very) small something winging its way to you soon.