January 14, 2009

Yet more irritating little bugs tracked down and killed!  Anyone who was trying to close a mission could get repeated helper names if they had responded more than once.  No more…

One bug I have found is an occasional random logout if you logged in through Facebook – I know why, I just have to fix it properly….

A widget I have got…

December 19, 2008

It’s always the way that the most difficult looking things can be really easy (and vice versa)

I have been working through the site, line by line, debugging after the last upgrade. And there’s more to do.

However, this morning the Dear Leader and I were chatting about how to spread the word wider about the site, and I remembered we had discussed widgets a while back. I got well into widgets during my time with

I remembered that Widgetbox had some great tools for widget creation, so after some fiddling with the site, I was able to create a visually compelling widget that tells the world our latest missions

Next steps are to do this by category, and to let people sign up from a remote site.

Anyhow, for the moment, here’s the first one (which we can’t put on our own blog because don’t let us!)

This can be installed on virtually any blog

An example is here:

It gives the latest 12 missions

Also, there’s a bebo version as well:

Those new features in full…

December 12, 2008

So, we’ve been going on about the new site for some time, and having finally released it, peole have rightly been asking for a new feature list.  Well, here goes:

1.Chat:  We added Group Chat in August, but that prompted a lot of people to ask whether we could build in a chat client to allow people to talk in real time on the site.  A lot of time went into thinking about it, and implementing it, and it’s about 90% there at the moment.

You will see the chat window whenever you are logged in.  You can also choose to have it minimised, docked and hidden, or popped out.  The popped out state is best, as it just floats over the other windows, and even works when you have left

It also has:

a) Integration with MSN/GTalk/AOL/Yahoo and IRC:  This means you can chat to your other friends direct from the site, and it’s very useful if you have popped out the box, as it works to bring all of your friends together, all day.  If you look at, it’s like that, with added missions!

b) Group chat:  Wherever you are on the site, there is a chat group associated with it.  Click the chat room button, and see what’s up

c) Invite a friend – You can send messages to those non Missioners on other networks like MSN and invite them to MM2!

d) Search for people – Type in “David Ashford” and then select “santa” if you want to add David as a friend

2. New left navigation:  The left hand bar is now a mine of information, telling you not only what the new missions are, but also who has the most points this month, what the crazy missions are, all of the latest blog posts, the most popular categories (Education is number 2 at the moment), and the most popular chat rooms

3. Floaty missioner pictures:  This is a bit of fun, using the CoolIris plugin. Log out, and go to the home page to see what I mean (there should be something at the bottom of the page)

4. Ratings:  You can now rate missions from the detail page.  Soon you will get extra points for that, so keep practicing

5. OpenID: This allows you to login in using, say, your Gmail account, or to link your current MM2 account to your Gmail account.  Click on the “Clickpass” buttons

6. Address book:  Now, when you e-mail your friends, we remember who you have e-mailed, and then pre-select them for you next time

7. Address import: Got e-mail addresses in Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail.  You can import them now

8. RSS feeds:  If you want to monitor what missions are new (Generally, or by category) or what new responses there are on a mission, look for the little orange button in your browser

9. Twitter: For those of you who can see the point, you can follow new missions at

10. T-shirts:  If you click on the handsome fellow on the browse mission detail page, we generate a mymission2 T-shirt for you, with your mission on – You can edit it for position and size.  Buying one supports us by making more visible, and makes us a few pennies as well

11. Presence:  See who’s online.  If you see a green icon by a person’s name, they are online.  Click the icon to invite them to chat

12. Identify the commissioner’s response: If you look at the browse mission detail page, you can see if the commissioner has reponded to their own mission.  We’re not happy with the format of this yet

13. Improvements in page loading:  We’ve done a lot of work on the back-end to make the pages load faster, especially those ones with lots of images (such as the browse list pages).  We’re hoping to improve this yet further

14. There are more, many behind the scenes, some of which I can even remember having made!

Please test it a lot, and e-mail me at nigel (at) with any bugs



New site update

December 11, 2008

Many thanks for all the feedback so far.  We’ve fixed a hell of a lot of bugs that crept in as part of the complete overhaul of the site.  And now we’re trying to fix a few that  we fixed, and then crept back in again

Current known issues:

1. Chat window no longer stays in the same place on a page change. Up until about 10 minutes ago, the chat window was static from page to page.  we know why it has stopped, but it could take a while to fix.  It’s like a huge game of Jack Straws.  Click “Pop Out” and have it floating in any event!

2. Presence:  You will have seen that everyone now has a little icon next to them.  That is supposed to tell others you are online so you can chat.  And while it worked perfectly in testing, it doesn’t now!

3. Bizarre page refresh (Internet Explorer only) – This was fixed and crept back in.  You need to clear your Temporary Internet Files (Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete), and then refresh (Ctrl-F5), and you should get the new version

4. Newbie missioners panel – In theory, on the home page (if you are not logged in) you should get  a swish gallery of floating images – And sometimes you don’t – A refresh will clear this

Email control (at) and let us know about any others!

Update on Beta 2.0 launch

December 9, 2008

Thanks for your patience today throughout the scheduled downtime while we updated our site to version Beta 2.0. There are loads of new features and some of them require some tweaking in a live environment.

We’re pleased to confirm that the following are now all deployed:

  • design refresh which will improve usability and look prettier
  • OpenID using Clickpass Connect so that you can sign in using existing logins from other applications
  • revised left column with expanding lists including 5 latest missions, this month’s top missioners, 5 latest blog posts, top 5 crazy missions, current popular categories and (chat) groups you might like
  • ability to rate missions
  • browse through newbie missioners using CoolIris – see their avatar images and click through to their profile page
  • RSS feed so you can track responses to individual missions real time (depending on your browser you should see it in the browser’s address bar)

The snagging list as it stands looks something like this:

  • some cross-browser layout bugs
  • highly sophisticated chat functionality is not yet fully deployed
  • some issues with the “is online now” icon

Please email us at if you find anything else.

Thanks again for your patience

UPDATE 7.45 10th Decemeber

Some IE users have noticed a continual page refresh, which hampers their use of the site.  We’ve tracked down where the problem is, and applied a temporary patch.  However, it will affect whether or not you can “pop-out ” the chat window.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to fix it before the end of the day.

Downtime tomorrow…

December 8, 2008

From about 9.30 am (GMT) there will be an hour or so downtime.  We’re moving to a major new release of the site which will expand the user experience, and also hopefully make the whole thing move a bit faster as well!

Bear with us while we upgrade, and please report any issues direct to us.

Planned upgrades

August 8, 2008

You may see the site bouncing up and down a bit this morning – we’re performing a major database upgrade, and so you may see a little downtime.

More functionality

July 30, 2008

We’ve just put a new release up at, which on the one hand adds lots of fun new functions, and on the other hand fixes a few bugs that crept in to the last release!

With over 50,000 missioners, we had to have a good hard look at the back-end architecture of the product to see how far it would take us.  Well, our friends over at Spika have done a terrific job, and we’re well on track to keep growing the system with the same architecture, with a few tweaks, for some time.

Not having to worry about that has allowed us to bring a few things forward that we have been wanting to do for some time.  You will now see that every category, and ever mission, has its own chat room.  At the moment, you can only access that on the site itself, but soon you’ll be able to access it from anywhere.  We’ve also added social bookmarking functionality, and changed our Facebook integration to bring us in line with the new platform.

The point system has had an overhaul as well, so that you only get points if you have filled out your profile.  That said, you can now respond and start missions without the need to input a full profile, so it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.  Of course, if you register, you could win Amazon vouchers!  We’re also giving away more points for responding to other people’s missions.

We’re always open to suggestions, so keep them coming through to control at

Silence is…

April 30, 2008

Not a sign that we have nothing to say! Quite the opposite, in fact. Activity has been frantic at MM2 Tower, with vast reams of virtual paper being produced as we finalise our operational plan for the next 12 months.

We now have over 15,000 users in just under 4 weeks, which is a figure we dreamed of, but secretly wondered if we could pull off. Not only are people registering, but they are creating missions, and helping others fulfill theirs. How lucky we are to see champions emerging from the community who are as enthusiastic as we are to help others fulfill their dreams.

There are some key trends emerging, and not unsurprisingly, the biggest one is that the more specific the mission is, the more chance you have of getting a useful response. My favourite of the latest crop is this one, where we have someone who wants to write a fantastic song as a way of expressing how they feel. Having tried, and failed, to write songs over the years, I am certainly going to give her all the encouragement and help I can (which may be to send her one of my old songs and say don’t write like this!)

There are a number of innovations we are going to build into the service over the next 12 months, and we’re already adding feature requests to the roadmap from out users, so please send any into us. You can see our contact details at the top of the blog.