And we’re back…

February 4, 2010

Did you wonder what happened to us?  Certainly quite a few people complained about us not giving any prizes any more!

Things changed a lot for us, and rather than simplyshut down, we decided to retrench and hibernate for a bit.  We’ve had a look at what we do, and decided that we would strip a few things out (the chat function never took off), and start to add some things in, such as the “micro-mission”, which initially will be based mostly around the iPhone.

We have always tried to capture where you are, and we’ve added to that the idea of a timed mission, which closes after a set period of time.  So if you are stuck in the middle of the city, and want to find the best place for a coffee, you could set a quick mission up to find out just that!

We will start to give some prizes out again, although very much Credit Crunch level stuff.

We’re very open to ideas as to what you would like to see.  Be patient, though!