E-lert Overload

January 23, 2009

My apologies if you got 100 new mission alerts – We did change the underlying algorithm to send a few more alerts out – Got a few more than we bargained for, I’m afraid. It will slow down soon, and next week, we’ll be able to stop it going quite so mad

Be alert (because you country needs lerts)

January 22, 2009

We’ve not been sending enought alerts out. So now we’re sending out more. Same old algorithm, but with more people on the list!


January 20, 2009

I’ve put in a new fix today which will hopefully improve the Facebook notification function. I also found in passing 168 missions that haven’t been properly broadcast, so the system is churning through them at the moment – Sorry if you get a few more notifications than usual over the next few hours!


January 14, 2009

Yet more irritating little bugs tracked down and killed!  Anyone who was trying to close a mission could get repeated helper names if they had responded more than once.  No more…

One bug I have found is an occasional random logout if you logged in through Facebook – I know why, I just have to fix it properly….

December 2008 awards … congratulations!

January 13, 2009

1. Rewards

Congratulations to the following missioners – they earned the most mission points during the month of December 2008. So they win these automatic rewards …

– 1st prize: belindayoung wins $50 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 2nd: robertburnes wins $30 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 3rd: Tracy wins $20 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 4th: rhiannonatkin wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 5th: jogillespie wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 6th: Kosko wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 7th: KimRobinson wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 8th: jacqui.tohc wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 9th: jenniferminni wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 10th: jay-1996-cutey wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

2. Special prizes

– Commissioner of the Month goes to robertburnes who published this mission on 11th December: Try to get 2 MyMission2 T-Shirts. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … we like missions like this! Robert will receive a special prize worth $50.

– Responder of the Month goes to belindayoung who has consistently been a very helpful and considerate missioner and who has excelled herself in her responses about promoting mymission2. Belinda will receive a special prize worth $50.

3. Special grant

– The December special grant goes to rhiannonatkin who published this mission on 11th December: Promote MyMission2 at my craft stall. Thanks very much to Rhiannon for promoting mymission2 at her craft stall. The question is … will she spell out mymission2 in beads at her next stall as per Jacqui’s suggestion? Our grant to Rhiannon is worth US$200. I wonder if Rhiannon sells her crafts online and whether we can help promote them?

What to do next …

If your mymission2 username appears above then look out for an email from us which will tell you how to claim your prize. If you haven’t yet received an email and you have checked your junk/spam folder then please make sure your email address is correctly entered into your mymission2 profile! Don’t worry – nobody will see it but we need it to be able to contact you.

Congratulations everyone and happy missioning!

Oh … and a smashing new year to you all from the team at mymission2 😉

5 pesky letters

January 8, 2009

Had problems starting a mission? That’ll be because we have been unwittingly discriminating against people with no profile photo!

Hopefully all now resolved