Missioner Laura’s guerrilla tactics

November 27, 2008

One of our top missioners, Laura, has promised to wear a mymission2 T-shirt for a whole week and visit landmarks in her local area including Wembley Stadium! Laura’s idea is intended to raise awareness about mymission2 and highlight the positive work we do here.

Chris, Laura & Halliday

Chris, Laura & Halliday

Her challenge doesn’t end there though. If she is successful in her current challenge, the busy bee has already planned for challenge no.2 – to throw a mymission2 party in her local town!

Watch this space …

Tracy’s special grant – the handover!

November 26, 2008

Many congratulations to Tracy who won the mymission2 grant in October.

Publicity Activist Halliday and Mission Controller Chris paid Tracy and her friend Laura a visit to hand over a Dell PC with monitor.

Chris, Laura, Tracy & Halliday

Chris, Laura, Tracy & Halliday

Photos from “find new DJ talent” competition

November 18, 2008

Sorry they took so long to get posted … but here are the best pics from our amazing “find new DJ talent” competition. Click on any of the thumbnails below to enlarge and then hit your browser’s back button to return to this page.

All the DJs were absolutely blinding, but a special mention goes to our prize winner Benji (aka Ben Strafford) and our very own Halliday. There’s no doubt that everybody had a very special night.

Thanks to everyone!

Here are the October rewards, prizes and grant – congratulations!

November 10, 2008

1. Rewards

Congratulations to the following missioners – they earned the most mission points during the month of October so win these automatic rewards …

– 1st prize: Tracy wins $50 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 2nd: belindayoung wins $30 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 3rd: Kosko wins $20 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 4th: jogillespie wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 5th: jay-1996-cutey wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 6th: robertcollins wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 7th: james2001 wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 8th: KimRobinson wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 9th: lauramaggs wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchersw

– 10th: carolinechow wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

2. Special prizes

– Commissioner of the Month goes to jogillespie who published some great missions during the month, especially this one “to work out my carbon footprint, then work out how to reduce it“. Jo will receive a special prize worth $50.

– Responder of the Month goes to Kosko who went to considerable effort to provide some really high quality responses during the month. Kosko will receive a special prize worth $50.

3. Special grant

– The October special grant goes to Tracy who has been – and continues to be – an exceptional advocate of mymission2. Tracy has posted thoughtful missions of her own as well as genuinely helpful responses to others. She is a positive influence on all missioners as well as all of us here at Mission Control. She’s even been spreading the word and bringing new people to mymission2. Did you know that Tracy has set up a web site for survivors of abuse? Tracy is also looking for a job at the moment and it has come to our attention that Tracy’s PC has been playing up. So we’ve decided to spend $200 on getting this sorted out for her – one way or another – so that she doesn’t get held up with her job applications and that she can continue all her good work online … unhindered by a naughty PC.

What to do next …

If your mymission2 username appears above then look out for an email from us which will tell you how to claim your prize. If you haven’t yet received an email then make sure your email address is correctly entered into your mymission2 profile! Don’t worry – nobody will see it but we need it to be able to contact you.

Congratulations everyone and happy missioning!