Announcing the winner of our “discover an artistic genius” competition

October 31, 2008

Thank you to all our missioners who submitted designs and ideas for the “discover an artistic genius” competition. Erm, we didn’t find a winning design but we did find a winning idea.

The winner is … Tracy who came up with this:

We then put our creative genius John to work and he turned Tracy’s idea into something that we will use as the mymission2 Christmas card:

A special thanks to Tracy.

Tracy, there’ll be a (very) small something winging its way to you soon.

Announcing the winner of our “find new DJ talent” competition

October 29, 2008

First of all I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who entered and voted on the “Find new DJ talent” competition. We had an excellent response to the mission and it was lots of fun hearing your various reasons to win. I’ve listened to all of the mixes that have been sent to me and viewed all your various myspace pages and other blogs. It was extremely hard to choose but in the end the best mix won!

I’m extremely pleased to announce that the winner of the “Find new DJ talent” competition 2008 is …

“Benji” aka Ben Strafford
Info/Bookings – 07988 213897

Ben’s style of DJing, programming and attitude behind the decks is exactly what we were looking for. Well done Ben!

If you entered this competition, as a sign of gratitude, I’ve added all of you to the concessions guestlist for the event.  Click here for more details

Also, remember to keep a look out on as we will be hosting the DJ competitions more regularly in the future so more of you will get a chance to DJ at top nightclubs around the UK.

Thanks again everyone


Be a Calendar Girl… or Boy!

October 29, 2008

According to yesterday’s CityAM: “There’s a company out there, mymission2, seeking models for a so-called ‘Credit Crunch Calendar’, to feature ordinary members of the public who can offer advice to others on how to ‘cope, have fun and look great on little or no cash’”.

That will be us!

We’re looking for anyone who has been affected by the ‘Credit Crunch’ to appear in a calendar (in time for Christmas) to help those whose lives have been completely blighted by poverty. We’re giving £1 from each calendar sold to charity plus we’re going to dress everyone in charity shop clothes, to show how you can be chic on the cheap.

Interested? Please drop us a line at, telling us why you should appear in the calendar and be sure to enclose a pic or two.

“Streetjack” outtake

October 24, 2008

Here’s some Friday fun (click below to play the video clip):

Have a great weekend everyone. And, for those of you with kids or teachers in your life, have a fun half term!

Mission accomplished!

October 22, 2008

Hey Everyone,

I’m very pleased to announce that one of our newest missioners, Danny Raper, recently published the following mission on the website:

“I’d love to meet John Squire and have a chat with him about his upcoming art exhibition in London”

I managed to pull a few strings and got him a VIP invite to the opening of the exhibition. Danny was chatting away with John and sipping (free!) champagne all night long … mission accomplished!

Remember folks, we strive to help you achieve your goals so keep publishing your missions and you could be a success story too.

Halliday ;0)

WARNING – beware of this man!

October 15, 2008

We’d like to welcome Chris Halliday to the mymission2 team as our new Publicity Activist. As nearly all of us are called Chris we’ve decided that he shall go by the name of “Halliday”.

Halliday is an attention seeking DJ with a passion for promotion and knows how to keep those media types in a state of constant euphoria. He’s also quite bonkers.

He’ll be using his mad antics and guerrilla tactics to spread the love about mymission2. Expect to see Halliday popping up, jumping in and flying through near you soon! He will be organising amazing challenges and fantastic events as well as helping people to fulfil their missions.

If you see this man Halliday out and about in London, you might want to buy him a drink as he will surely be exhausted from promoting mymission2 day and night.

Congratulations! (prizes for September 2008)

October 7, 2008

Congratulations to the following missioners – they earned the most mission points during the month of September so win these prizes …

– 1st prize: belindayoung wins $200 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 2nd: Tracy wins $100 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 3rd: jogillespie wins $50 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 4th: jay-1996-cutey wins $30 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 5th: jayley wins $20 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 6th: KimRobinson wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 7th: robertcollins wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 8th: jonny<>blue wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 9th: james2001 wins $10 worth of Amazon vouchers

– 10th: hfxgirl wins $10 worth of Amazon voucher

If your mymission2 username appears above then look out for an email from us which will tell you how to claim your prize. If you haven’t yet received an email then make sure your email address is correctly entered into your mymission2 profile! Don’t worry – nobody will see it but we need it to be able to contact you.

Remember, we’ve changed the incentives as of October 1st. We are now awarding automatic rewards to the top 10 points earners PLUS two $50 prizes and a $200 grant each month. Click here for more info.