Our first video ad

September 24, 2008

We love great ideas here at Mission Control. We always ask for them.

So when Mission Controller Chris came up with an idea for a video ad, we thought we’d let him run with it. He wrote, auditioned, filmed, directed and edited this ad in no time at all.

Click here to watch the video ad that Chris created (opens YouTube in a new window).

What do you think? Can you do better? If so we’d love to hear from you.

mymission2:unplugged videos

September 23, 2008

More videos can be found on YouTube and also on our new official Facebook fan page:

Phousa performing Back To Me:

Leila & Philip performing Devil In My Soul:

Mondesir performing It Would Not Be A Rose:

Martyna Baker performing Binge:

Sean Clothier performing his ode to Sarah Palin called Build A Bridge:

And, as a special treat, here is Sean’s version of Pulp’s Common People played on an accordian!

Many thanks again to our sponsors:

Acoustic Magazine



The Premises Studios

mymission2:unplugged finds real talent

September 19, 2008

As Frankie Valli once belted out … “Oh what a night!” The mymission2:unplugged event showcased some truly amazing unsigned acoustic talent.

Click here for a gig review.

Below is a small selection of photos (all the photos can be seen here):

Martyna Baker

Martyna Baker

Martyna Baker

Martyna Baker

Leila & Philip

Leila & Philip





Sean Clothier

Sean Clothier

Sean Clothier

Sean Clothier

Sean Clothier

Sean Clothier

We’re looking for a crazy person to hire … yes, really!

September 18, 2008

We’re looking for a bright young thing with lots of energy, ambition and guts … but who has fallen out of the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down.

The role is to dream up fabulous publicity stunts, make them happen and then ensure everyone in the world knows about it. Think Rag Week organiser meets PR guru.

We think a good job title for this role is “Publicity Activist”.

Have you got the bottle to do things that others wont? Are you larger-than-life with amazingly intelligent wit and are you able to charm your way out of trouble? Have you organised a successful university rag week or do you have relevant experience in creating publicity stunts or PR?

If you are nuttier than squirrell poo, you wanna be a celebrity and you think that 1+1=3 then we would love to hear from you.

This is a full time role based at Mission Control in London. Start date is “yesterday”.

More info on the ever useful Gumtree.

Please send an email to jojo@mymission2.com. If your email isn’t “interesting” then this role isn’t for you. (Hint: apply by video?)

Announcing new incentives

September 12, 2008

mymission2 exists so that people can help each other achieve their dreams.

We want to reward people …

  • who publish their own great missions
  • who help others achieve their missions
  • who bring other people to the site

The incentives to date have been very effective in many ways but we think we can improve them by reducing the monthly rewards for simply earning points and introducing monthly prizes and grants for the people who we think contribute most to mymission2. So the following monthly incentives will be used from October 1st onwards.

1. Automatic rewards based on mission points earned in the month:

$50 Amazon vouchers to the highest points earner
$30 Amazon vouchers to the 2nd highest points earner
$20 Amazon vouchers to the 3rd highest points earner
$10 Amazon vouchers to the 4th highest points earner
$10 Amazon vouchers to the 5th highest points earner
$10 Amazon vouchers to the 6th highest points earner
$10 Amazon vouchers to the 7th highest points earner
$10 Amazon vouchers to the 8th highest points earner
$10 Amazon vouchers to the 9th highest points earner
$10 Amazon vouchers to the 10th highest points earner

2. Special prizes each month:

$50 to the “Commissioner Of The Month”
$50 to the “Responder Of The Month”

The “Commissioner Of The Month” will be the publisher of loads of great missions or even just one spectacular mission.

The “Responder Of The Month” will be, in our opinion, the most helpful person at mymission2 during the month.

3. Special grant each month:

$200 to the “Missioner Of The Month”

The “Missioner Of The Month” will be the missioner who quite simply is most deserving – the person we want to help the most. Our grant is to say “thanks” or to support them in their cause.

The monthly prize winners and the monthly grant recipient will be chosen by us here at Mission Control. We will decide how to award these prizes and grants – as cash, online vouchers, specific products or services, etc. We’ll be considering both quantity and quality. Our decisions are final and it is possible to win multiple prizes.

What do you think? Let us know by posting comments to this blog post.

You are invited to our September “Mid-week Mission”

September 10, 2008

Following on from the success of the Battle of the Bands that we hosted in July, mymission2:unplugged will be held on Wednesday September 17th in London. Click here for more info and to check out the acts.

The venue is the fabulous Ramshackle in Fulham; its new owners are restoring it to its former glory when bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and the Sex Pistols played there!

We’ve got some great sponsorship from Shure, Studiospares, The Premises Studios, and Acoustic Magazine which means there are some fab prizes for the acoustic acts to win.

The audience will decide who wins! At the end we’ll ask the audience to cheer for each act … so we need you to come and support the performer you know or just cheer for the act you like the best.

Tickets are £5 in advance (you can buy them online here) or £6 on the door.

It’s sure to be a great night and we look forward to seeing you there.