Top tip – raise your profile by responding to others

We’re seeing lots of new missions being created which are just not likely to get any responses at all because they are vague and there is no real call to action. But that’s ok, the people with serious goals are getting helpful responses. I’ve actually been really surprised about some weird missions which are getting loads of responses. 

The top tip to attract more responses to your mission is to respond to others as much as possible – in particular you should search for missions that are similar to yours and respond to these. This will raise your profile and people are much more likely to see your mission. You can even copy the URL from your mission and paste this into your responses. 

Posting responses is great fun and of course it helps your fellow missioners! 

So go to and see how many helpful responses you can post.

One Response to Top tip – raise your profile by responding to others

  1. bitaetede says:

    Часто серфю по интернету и желать сколько могу присоединиться к вам)
    Не подскажете позволительно ли заработать на форекс7 Сколько посоветуете?
    А то полдничать некоторые сайты для которых станет конечно рассказано наподобие подвизаться на бирже. Некоторые я даже сохранил в закладки. разве же в подписе у профиля)
    Который сколько подскажет?

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