One of the things I love about blogging over “traditional” media is that is is generally more pithy. And more brutal…

Many thanks to Mike Butcher for his Techcrunch profile. Hopefully, it proves that there is no such thing as bad publicity…

Mike’s main comments were that some of the current missions lack specificity, and that we asked him all sorts of seemingly irrelevant questions. Undoubtedly, we’re going to have people who publish the unattainable, but already this morning we’ve had someone post a mission to improve their Spanish. And that is where the data we asked Mike for comes in. If that person lives in South London say, and Mike had told us that he lives in that vicinity, and worked as a Spanish teacher (in addition to his 24 hour TCUK party lifestyle 🙂 ), we’d have matched them up by now…

It’s all about the “social contract” of you asking people for help, and giving some of your expertise in return at a later date. “Dull”, perhaps, but we see ourselves akin to a dating site to match people’s dreams to people who can help fulfil them… And if you remember those old Dateline questionnaires on the back of magazines, ours is a hell of a lot shorter!

And to prove that I still dearly love Techcrunch in all its incarnations, here’s a link to me launching planes yesterday for Mike Arrington when I should have been launching a company…

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