Silence is…

April 30, 2008

Not a sign that we have nothing to say! Quite the opposite, in fact. Activity has been frantic at MM2 Tower, with vast reams of virtual paper being produced as we finalise our operational plan for the next 12 months.

We now have over 15,000 users in just under 4 weeks, which is a figure we dreamed of, but secretly wondered if we could pull off. Not only are people registering, but they are creating missions, and helping others fulfill theirs. How lucky we are to see champions emerging from the community who are as enthusiastic as we are to help others fulfill their dreams.

There are some key trends emerging, and not unsurprisingly, the biggest one is that the more specific the mission is, the more chance you have of getting a useful response. My favourite of the latest crop is this one, where we have someone who wants to write a fantastic song as a way of expressing how they feel. Having tried, and failed, to write songs over the years, I am certainly going to give her all the encouragement and help I can (which may be to send her one of my old songs and say don’t write like this!)

There are a number of innovations we are going to build into the service over the next 12 months, and we’re already adding feature requests to the roadmap from out users, so please send any into us. You can see our contact details at the top of the blog.

Top tip – raise your profile by responding to others

April 17, 2008

We’re seeing lots of new missions being created which are just not likely to get any responses at all because they are vague and there is no real call to action. But that’s ok, the people with serious goals are getting helpful responses. I’ve actually been really surprised about some weird missions which are getting loads of responses. 

The top tip to attract more responses to your mission is to respond to others as much as possible – in particular you should search for missions that are similar to yours and respond to these. This will raise your profile and people are much more likely to see your mission. You can even copy the URL from your mission and paste this into your responses. 

Posting responses is great fun and of course it helps your fellow missioners! 

So go to and see how many helpful responses you can post.

Week 1

April 8, 2008

Over three thousand new members in our first week!

We’ve had all sorts of missions, from the completely off the wall, to the relatively mundane.  It’s great to see that people are actually helping each other already.  We thought it would take time for us to get the critical mass together to really see that mutuality, but even with the numbers we have now, it’s working.

I’m pleased that I have been able to help some people out, including helping one lady with her Spanish (I found her a course, not taught it…)

What we are seeing is that the more specific you are, the more chance you have of getting a response.  Make sure you take the time to give some real detail about what you want to achieve, or even start off with some brief details, and come and add some more later.


April 2, 2008

One of the things I love about blogging over “traditional” media is that is is generally more pithy. And more brutal…

Many thanks to Mike Butcher for his Techcrunch profile. Hopefully, it proves that there is no such thing as bad publicity…

Mike’s main comments were that some of the current missions lack specificity, and that we asked him all sorts of seemingly irrelevant questions. Undoubtedly, we’re going to have people who publish the unattainable, but already this morning we’ve had someone post a mission to improve their Spanish. And that is where the data we asked Mike for comes in. If that person lives in South London say, and Mike had told us that he lives in that vicinity, and worked as a Spanish teacher (in addition to his 24 hour TCUK party lifestyle 🙂 ), we’d have matched them up by now…

It’s all about the “social contract” of you asking people for help, and giving some of your expertise in return at a later date. “Dull”, perhaps, but we see ourselves akin to a dating site to match people’s dreams to people who can help fulfil them… And if you remember those old Dateline questionnaires on the back of magazines, ours is a hell of a lot shorter!

And to prove that I still dearly love Techcrunch in all its incarnations, here’s a link to me launching planes yesterday for Mike Arrington when I should have been launching a company…


April 2, 2008

Well, who would pick April 1st to launch a new product? It just seemed too good a day to miss, frankly. We’d tested the product to destruction, everything was ready, and as it happens, we were presenting at an event as well.

For those unfamiliar, mymission2 is the world’s first aspirational network, where we match up people who have dreams and goals with people who can help fulfil them.

The site for the launch was the MashUp Innovate event, and we’re looking forward to seeing some of the photos from the event soon. It was a great event, with 12 companies pitching their wares to a mixture of people, some of whom allegedly had money, so that’s always enough to get a good crowd together.

From our point of view, it was good to get face-to-face feedback on what we are trying to achieve, and how we’ve implemented it. All of the reaction was good, and we’re looking forward to a lot of the participants taking the plunge, and starting their own missions soon.